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Squash is alive and well in Toowoomba

Squash is a popular international sport played in over 150 countries by 20 million people. It is a Commonwealth Games sport that is played socially and competitively at clubs and centres in Australia. Australia-wide about 300,000 people play squash and racquetball. Squash is a great way for people to increase their fitness and for children to improve their hand and eye coordination. It is a high impact sport with players required to move quickly around the court, whilst maintaining control over ball placement and awareness of ball position, racquets and other players.

Squash Players before game

"I am a professional squash player, and I recently played badly - but as well as I could - in a professional squash tournament. A professional squash player might sound like someone who is in a food-tasting group, but it is a racquet sport."
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